Falkor, the Never Ending Story Dragon

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Falkor, the Never Ending Story Dragon

Falkor, the Never Ending Story Dragon
by Marisa E. Martínez Pérsico

Falkor or Fuchur, according to the original German version, is a Luck Dragon, one of the main characters of the Never Ending Story, novel written by Michael Ende. In this literary work, Falkor didn’t provide good luck to other people; he only enjoyed a very good luck for himself; a luck outside the common. In the novel also appears an antagonistic dragon, Smerg, which is evil.
The Luck Dragons (Luckdragons or Glücksdrachen) is a fictitious species whose body is pearled, white, has no wings, and displays rudimentary legs. The form of its head is described with less exactitude, but in the filmic adaptation, it acquires the traits of a dog. In the movie, Falkor even asks Atreyu to scratch his ear! Nevertheless, to think that luck dragons look like dogs is an incorrect idea, especially when one finds out that the author of the novel was disgusted with the look Falkor had on screen.
Unlike most of the mythological dragons, the Luck Dragons do not possess great physical force nor great magical talents. They are only distinguished because of their luck. For example, in a point of the novel, Falkor was going to be eaten by a Spider God. To his good fortune, he met Atreyu and learned that a bite from the Spider God gave the afflicted a wish. So Falkor wished to escape with Atreyu and saved their lives.

Another special characteristic is their capacity to fly in spite of not having wings. It is in reality some sort of “levitation” rather than a real flight. In the novel, it is mentioned that their movements match the ones from water serpents.


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