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Welsh Dragons

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by Marisa E. Martínez Pérsico

Welsh Dragon: Ddraig GochThe Welsh dragon or red dragon is the traditional symbol of the Country of Wales and appears in the Welsh national flag. The fantastic animal known as “Ddraig Goch” (“red dragon” in Welsh language) is the most famous of Great Britain.

Many legends exist on Ddraig Goch. In the medieval story “Lludd and Llefelys”, included in the anthology of medieval Welsh texts denominated Mabinogion, are narrated the battles of the red dragon against an invading white dragon. Their shrieks were so intense that they turned sterile women, animals and plants.

Desperate, king Lludd of Great Britain consults to his wise brother Llefelys in France. Llefelys advises him to dig a hole in the center of Great Britain, to fill it with an alcoholic substance and to cover it with a cloth.

Lludd listens to him and does as he said; both dragons drink and fall asleep, then he encage them in the region of Dinas Emrys, in Snowdonia, to the north of Wales.

WalesThe story is taken by Nennius in the book “Britonum History”. Here, the dragons remain in the Dinas Emrys by centuries until king Vortigern tries to construct a castle in that zone. However, every night the walls of the castle are demolished by invisible forces… A boy called Merlin reveals the king the existence of both dragons, then Vortigern excavates the hill and releases them. The animals finally continue their fight and the red dragon defeat bravely his white opponent.

From the dynasty of the Tudor, the red dragon is taken as a symbol of the Welsh country.

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